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Producing quality peat free composts and soil conditioners for agriculture, horticulture, communities and retail

Natural World Products compost products are produced to the very highest standards of quality and transparency.

Made solely from organic material that was once alive and remains full of plant-available nutrients, our products are proven to improve soil health, soil structure and drainage, growing outcomes and help create the ideal conditions for healthy plant growth.

There are also highly significant carbon capture, sequestration and GHG reduction impacts from replacing peat-based growing media and returning organic matter, crucial for growing sustainability, to heavily farmed soils.

Clockwork Garden by Diarmuid Gavin

Compost in Horticulture

Peat free compost products produced by Natural World Products are used increasingly across the horticultural sector as more environmentally sustainable alternatives to peat based growing media. Our products are used for growing, soil improving, landscaping, tree planting, ground restoration and for establishing strong foundations within natural habitats.

Used by golf courses, sports pitches, turf growers, vegetable growers, landscapers, garden designers, public and private gardens, New Leaf Compost products are recognised as nutrient rich premium composts, allowing for healthy plant growth without the highly negative climate impact of peat extraction.

New Leaf Compost was the main compost supplier to the show gardens at Bord bia Bloom 2022 in Dublin and was used for the planting of the Clockwork Garden by Diarmuid Gavin at Castle Gardens, Antrim.

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Compost in Agriculture

Natural World Products supplies quality organic soil conditioners to agricultural customers throughout Ireland leading to a range of associated soil health and land management benefits. Applied to grasslands and areas of arable growing, key nutrients are reintroduced to the soil on a slow-release basis and are fully plant-available with organic matter levels being restored to healthy levels over time. A range of ancillary benefits also accrue, including: increased earthworm activity, better water retention, improved friability and workability, easier ploughing, improved crop yields and a reduction in the requirement for expensive synthetic fertilisers and diesel usage.

Research is also showing that regular application of organic soil conditioners can significantly improve the micro-biology of the soil. NWP continues to collaborate with key stakeholders to better understand how dedicated organic growing mixes might be best created for a range of growing applications in different areas of the country – taking account of farms' specific soil composition and desired growing outcomes.

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Compost For Retail

Compost For Retail

Natural World Products produces the brand New Leaf Compost for retail and gardeners. We distribute New Leaf Compost across the UK & Ireland.

New Leaf Compost products are 100% natural, sustainable and free from additives, filler and fertilisers. Our multi-purpose compost, transferring energy from organics that were once alive, slowly releases the essential nutrients required for healthy soil and strong plant growth.

We focus on environmentally responsible horticultural practices that provide the most positive impacts in terms of both the garden and nature itself as well as the sense of mental well-being that truly sustainable horticulture can offer.

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