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Natural World Products is a forward thinking organics company at the forefront of its industry in Ireland and the UK. Our team is driven to work on sustainable climate-focused solutions that will work practically and economically over the long-term to address key structural problems our region faces and create positive outcomes for our environment and the places we live.

Carbon capture, soil health and the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions are currently ‘hot’ topics heavily in vogue. But NWP has been working tirelessly to move and take others in this direction for many years – continually seeking to improve and expand its infrastructure, hone the quality of its services and product offering and educate key stakeholders wherever possible around the benefits and necessity of the work it is doing – with lots more to come. Continuous improvement is the mantra – with a clear focus to implement economically and environmentally sustainable solutions that are practically deliverable and that will have positive impacts in the place we live.

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Providing successful results to farmers, vegetable growers, garden designers and high profile projects across the UK & Ireland, the peat free products produced by NWP are increasingly recognised as sustainable high quality growing and soil improving solutions.

Diarmuid Gavin worked with New Leaf Compost to condition and mulch the soil in his award-winning Clockwork Garden installation at Antrim Castle Gardens.

We supply the garden retail market across the UK & Ireland with our New Leaf Compost range – genuinely sustainable peat free products that exemplify the Circular Economy in action and that do not rely on shipping sub-quality materials half way around the globe to try to tick a “peat free” or “peat reduced” box. When you buy New Leaf compost products, you can be assured that you are supporting the most sustainable form of producing high quality, nutrient-rich, genuinely peat free growing media.

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Our Natural World

We focus on connecting land, green spaces and communities through innovative compost projects to improve the natural World around us.

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Community Engagement >

Connecting with the community is fundamental to Natural World Products and we focus on providing support to community projects and educational initiatives that produce engaging climate-focused solutions to create positive outcomes for both nature and people.

Climate Solutions

NWP is focused on delivering practically deliverable climate solutions

Effective Education

NWP believes education is fundamental to inspiring people to recycle effectively

Community Support

NWP actively supports local community and voluntary projects