Limited Time Remaining For Applications To NWP Sustainable Communities Fund

A limited time remains for applications to apply for funding from the first round of the Natural World Products (NWP) Sustainable Communities Fund.

Applications to the fund established by Ireland‘s leading organics recycling firm will close on Monday 19th September.

Designed to to support groups and projects that demonstrate community involvement and benefit, the fund is open to those within the BT11, BT12, BT17 and BT27 postcode areas.

Colm Warren, Chief Executive at NWP said:

“Since the launch of our Sustainable Communities Fund earlier this year, we have been pleased to receive a hugely positive response from members of our local community.

“At NWP we are dedicated to giving back to the groups and initiatives working for the betterment of our communities, as without local householders using their brown bins to discard food and garden material, we would not be able to carry out the work that we do.

“Our Sustainable Communities Fund has been established with this in mind, and we look forward to providing even further support as part of the next step in our community development efforts.

“To date we have received a number of high-quality applications to the Sustainable Communities Fund from a variety of local organisations, and I would like to encourage any eligible initiatives that may be considering applying to do so before 19th September.

“While this will complete the first round, the fund will remain open to new applications on an ongoing basis with further awards to be made in the future.”

NWP manages around 300 thousand tonnes of household food and garden waste annually, delivering over half of all household recycling in Northern Ireland.

Household waste processed by NWP is converted into quality organic soil conditioner used by councils, agri-growers and the horticultural sector to return organic matter to heavily farmed soils and to contribute to a reduction in peat-based growing media products, making a significant carbon capture contribution in the fight against climate change.

The Sustainable Communities Fund is open to a variety of initiatives including but not limited to sports clubs, youth groups, music groups, gardening clubs and beyond.

Further information about the NWP Sustainable Communities Fund, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, can be found at